Experts have estimated how much it costs to start a business in Russia
2021-05-26 02:20

Experts have estimated how much it costs to start a business in Russia

"Tinkoff Business and Avito conducted a joint study revealing how much it would cost to start a business in Russia in various sectors. The results are based on the analysis of 175 thousand clients of the bank from the sphere of small and medium entrepreneurship.

As RBC wrote with reference to the study, the turnover per company at the beginning of 2021 the leading wholesale trade, where the cost of opening a business from scratch could be 350 thousand rubles, and the acquisition of ready-made business can cost 430 thousand rubles and more. The calculations do not take into account the cost of purchasing goods.

Opening a new cafe or buying an established business would cost between 900,000 and 950,000 rubles. A family business in this area, without hiring outside staff, can be much cheaper - in the amount of 180 thousand rubles. To start your own project in the field of further education from scratch, you will need about 480,000 roubles, and from 500,000 roubles when buying a ready-made business.

But the highest entry threshold for the purchase of ready-made business in Russia, according to estimates, is in the field of car repairs and is 3 million rubles. At the same time the cost of opening such a business from scratch is much lower and starts from 350 thousand rubles.

The second place among expensive ready-made businesses is occupied by cargo transportation: buying a working company can cost up to 2.5 million rubles, and to build a business from scratch in this sector, it needs from 250 thousand rubles.

According to the newspaper, referring to the data of analytics, the launch of advertising and consulting company, accounting and HR may cost from 350 thousand rubles and from 450 thousand rubles. And to start their IT-projects in software development, to start a business from scratch, according to the study, is cheaper - from 220 thousand rubles, compared with the cost of 1 million rubles to buy a ready-made business.

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Author: Karina Kamalova