A new dairy complex will appear in Orenburg
2021-06-01 03:30

A new dairy complex will appear in Orenburg

The construction of the region's largest dairy complex has started in the Orenburg region.

It will be built on the territory of the Krasnogorsky collective farm in the Saraktashsky district. Today the farm has over 6,000 cattle, including 2,000 cows. The construction of the new plant will increase the number of cattle by 800 cows.

Viktor Perevoznikov, head of the collective farm, stressed that the production of environmentally friendly product is extremely topical nowadays. "Achieve high performance in animal husbandry is possible only when the animals are kept in favorable conditions in modern high-tech farms, - he stressed.

A time capsule was laid during the first phase of construction work. In it, the customer and the contractor, Krovelson, expresses their hope that the new facility will serve the people of Orenburg for a long time.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova