Agrosila's elevator plans to accept more grain this year
2021-06-01 06:18

Agrosila's elevator plans to accept more grain this year

"Zainsky elevator" (belongs to the agricultural holding Agrosila) intends to accept 179 thousand tons of grain in the new season. This is by 11 tons more than the year before, the holding's press-service said.

"In 2021, it is planned to receive more than 179 thousand tons of grain in physical weight. For comparison, in 2020 the rates were 168 thousand tons of grain, including 116.5 thousand tons of wheat, 23.7 thousand tons of barley, 25.7 thousand tons of sunflower and 2.9 thousand tons of corn," the report said.

To date, daily receiving capacity is estimated at 4 thousand tons, depending on the moisture and weediness of grain.

At the moment elevator is being prepared for the new season; grain from the previous years is being unloaded first of all and silos are being cleaned and prepared as well. Full unloading of grain elevator is scheduled in the middle of June. After that, the prophylaxis against pests of grain stocks will begin.

At the enterprise two additional unloaders are being installed. In addition, it is planned to replace one sampler.

Four grain dryers are installed at the elevator. For sunflower waste recycling a line of pelletizing of husks was launched, which allows compressing the initial raw material up to 5-10 times and getting energy efficient fuel.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova