2021-06-05 10:17

"They're determined to buy Russian": fashion is at the mercy of patriotism

Patriotism has come to the Russian fashion industry. Ksenia Solovyova, editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia, said this at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"We recently conducted focus groups and were interested in how our readers consume information, at the same time we asked them what they buy. It turned out that they are all set to buy Russian, they want to read about Russian designers, they want to support them, to buy," Solovyova said.

According to her, this is a very atypical situation for the fashion industry. "I've been in this industry for 15 years, frankly speaking, I don't remember such enthusiasm. It has never been distinguished by special patriotism", - said the head of Vogue Russia.

According to Solovyova, this raises the question of whether the industry can respond to consumer demand.

"There are many small brands that have gained direct access to consumers thanks to social networks. They don't need to open big stores, they can send their dress to, say, Barnaul. But as soon as it comes to scaling, moving to another level, many drop out, because it's very difficult. It is difficult to find your business model, find a large batch of fabrics, sew and then sell it all," she concluded.

St. Petersburg international economic forum will take place on June 2-5. This year the topic is "Together again. Economy of the new reality". The event is organized by Roscongress Foundation.

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