Analytics and services: Russian businesses shared their online needs
2021-06-09 01:24

Analytics and services: Russian businesses shared their online needs

Russian entrepreneurs named the online portal for entrepreneurs Moibiznes.rf, SME Business Navigator and Zabiznes.rf as the most useful digital platforms. At the same time, many note the lack of educational information and the opportunity to openly discuss with the authorities. Such data is illustrated by the results of a survey of 1 thousand entrepreneurs of medium and small companies, organized by the research and consulting company IFORS Research, writes TASS.

According to analysts, the most famous platform for business was "Moibiznes.rf", which was named by 38% of respondents, the second line (noted by 23% of respondents) - "Business Navigator SME", closes the top three "Zabiznes.rf", which was noted by 13% of survey participants.

Almost 80% of entrepreneurs note the availability in the online space of useful and practical information. The average rating of the usefulness of platforms for business among users of platforms - 3.7 points on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 - a very useful platform. At the same time, most often businesses are turning to specialized Internet services to get the necessary service (60%), read the news (59%), read analytical articles (43%) or get online advice (43%).

Representatives of small and medium businesses note the lack of legal information on online portals (47%), open discussions with representatives of authorities (29%), training information (28%).

Respondents noted that they would be interested in the following formats of business content: interviews with experts (45%), news (headlines and short messages) (40%), online seminars (31%). Among the content themes the most useful for business named market research (37%), online-assistants in search of possible state support (31%) and expert analytics of the industry (30%).

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Author: Karina Kamalova