2021-06-10 05:28

EXPERT: "We should pay attention to our neighbors, first of all, Uzbekistan".

The events of the pandemic year had a significant impact on the light and textile industry. According to Andrey Razbrodin, president of Soyuzlegprom, Russia should pay closer attention to its closest neighbors, including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, when building new logistics.

"What is happening to a large extent leads to the fact that the issues of import substitution, shifting of production to the point of sale become more important for many global companies, as well as for ours. I would like to focus on one aspect. As the logistics in many respects are changing, we should pay attention to our closest neighbors, Uzbekistan first of all. We've had many talks about it," Razbrodin said.

To develop the industry, he said, the state should include the textile and light industry in the system of interstate agreements. "This would significantly move the situation forward. Our manufacturers are interested in this, and our colleagues from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are also interested. They have made serious steps in the development of the industry, but further action is required, which could lead to serious benefits for all," he believes.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova