Russia increased spring crops
2021-06-16 05:09

Russia increased spring crops

The area of spring grain crops sown in Russia has been increased by 600 hectares.

According to the National Agrarian Agency, now 29.6 million hectares are sown - 100.9% of the planned. Last year 29 million hectares were sown.

Wheat accounts for most of the fields - 13.1 million hectares, 9.1 million hectares of sunflower and 7.4 million hectares of barley.

The area of rice crops is 3.7 thousand hectares, 3 million of corn.

Soybean is sown on 2.8 million hectares.

There have already been sown 1.062 million hectares of sugar beet - nearly 90 thousand hectares more than last year.

It is noted that spring sowing in Russia is 99.8% complete - 51.4 million hectares are sown. In 2020, 50.1 million hectares were sown by this date.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova