Drought affected wine production in Sevastopol
2021-06-16 05:19

Drought affected wine production in Sevastopol

Wine production in Sevastopol dropped by 6% to 25.3 million bottles due to drought.

According to TASS, wineries shipped 26 million 891 thousand bottles in 2020, but because of the poor harvest in 2020 this year the volume will fall to 25 million 334 thousand bottles.

At the same time, the Crimean authorities and producers are working to increase berry production. For example, in 2020, agricultural enterprises have planted 542.52 hectares of vineyards.

In addition, for the development of the industry there is a priority project "Terroir Sevastopol", which facilitates the creation of new wineries. The project is also aimed at improving the tourist attractiveness of Sevastopol and infrastructure development, increasing the vineyards area, and the selection of qualified personnel.

Currently there are 22 participants in the project - large companies, such as agricultural firm "Zolotaya Balka" and Inkerman factory of vintage wines, as well as small wineries.

The region's total area of fruit-bearing vineyards exceeds 4,000 hectares with about 20 wineries.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova