Scientific Centre to Combat Desertification established in Russia
2021-06-18 03:33

Scientific Centre to Combat Desertification established in Russia

Russia's first scientific centre to combat desertification has appeared in Volgograd.

It was established on the basis of the Federal Scientific Center of Agroecology, Integrated Land Reclamation and Protected Forestation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Nature.

According to the authorities this problem is very urgent for Russia now. 65% of arable land, 28% of hayfields and 50% of pastures in our country are prone to erosion - there are regular droughts, soil is destroyed by dry winds and dust storms.

The Caspian Sea littoral lands have suffered the greatest damage from this. In Kalmykia 4,4 million hectares of lands are considered to be unfavorable, in the Astrakhan region - more than 4 million, in Dagestan - 2,4, in the Volgograd region - 1,4 million hectares.

In February 2021, during his trip to Kalmykia, Mishustin instructed him to work more closely to fight desertification, engaging scientists, federal agencies and the local administration.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova