A wild-growth processing plant appeared near Irkutsk
2021-06-22 09:03

A wild-growth processing plant appeared near Irkutsk

A renewed workshop for processing of wild fruits was launched in Baikalsk, Irkutsk, according to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The shop opened on the basis of a company that specializes in the production of herbal tea, herbal extracts, tea drinks with the addition of taiga berries and mushrooms. The company sells its products in Russia and exports them abroad.

The company upgraded its production with a freeze drying unit, installed a screw extractor and a druk filter to improve the quality of extracts, a berry press, and a three-dimensional mixer. The company has also acquired several types of equipment to monitor the quality of finished products.

The sphere of procuring and processing of wild-growing and medicinal plants has a high potential for the region, said Ilya Sumarokov, Minister of Agriculture of the region. And the launch of new production and expansion of capacities is important for Baikalsk in particular against the background of the fact that the local economic mainstay was shut down.

The company employs 44 people, mostly former employees of decommissioned Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Mill, said General Director Pavel Khoroshutin. The expansion of the production will allow to increase the volume of the purchased and harvested timber resources by 10% annually.

The company was able to put the new plant into operation thanks to the government support in the form of a grant.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova