Moscow Mayor's Office: QR-code system will not require costs from restaurant business
2021-06-22 09:24

Moscow Mayor's Office: QR-code system will not require costs from restaurant business

Moscow mayor's office has decided to introduce a "no-code" mode in restaurants in order not to introduce a full lockdown. The new system of QR-codes is developed with care about citizens and will not require additional costs from business for its implementation, said Alexei Nemeryuk, the first deputy head of the Mayor and Government Office, the head of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services, on Tuesday.

"Technologically, when a visitor comes to a restaurant, he shows his passport and a QR code - in a printed video or shows it on a smartphone. An employee of the restaurant points the phone, his initials and last 4 figures of the passport data are displayed - it is checked that this is really that person. There is no need for special equipment", - told Nemeryuk, answering the question of "Made in Russia".

He stressed that capital authorities are in constant contact with business. The decision on the "visionless" restaurants was made as a result of joint search for solutions, the official assured.

"The issue is very complicated. But all the same, either - lockdown, or - an opportunity for restaurateurs to keep their jobs and let visitors in. Every day the number of vaccinated and people who are immune will be more and more. Our key task is to make sure that there are enough of them, so that the number of the fallen ill and hospitalized is decreasing, "- said Nemeryuk.

He reminded that last week the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin met with the restaurateurs. According to him, representatives of business community understand the complexity of epidemiological situation in Moscow.

The head of the department said that the experiment on "no-show zones" will last until the end of this week, and from Monday, the rules will work mandatorily everywhere. "Currently, more than 180 applications have been submitted. Some have already started working, others are testing a system that allows people with immunity to walk into a restaurant and feel at ease there. Moreover, all restrictions, which are in force in Moscow, do not apply to these restaurants, "- stressed the head of the department.

The representative of the capital authorities said that the mayor's office will continue to monitor how the decision will affect the business community.

"We answer all their (entrepreneurs - ed.) questions every day, try to respond promptly, including concerns about the vaccination of non-Russians. This problem has been solved as of today," the official said.

He has added that if for some reason a citizen has not received a QR code after the vaccination, he can contact the technical service, which will help to solve these problems.

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Author: Karina Kamalova, Maria Buzanakova