Reduced shipping interest and taxes: what was discussed at the meeting with restaurateurs
2021-06-23 06:45

Reduced shipping interest and taxes: what was discussed at the meeting with restaurateurs

After the Moscow mayor signed a decree on the introduction of new restrictions for public catering, the city authorities met with representatives of the restaurant business to discuss their concerns.
The head of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers (FRIO), Igor Bukharov, shared with the editors of "Made in Russia" what pain points were fixed at this meeting.


According to the head of the federation, the owners of the establishments were concerned about the issue of allowing visitors to small ventilated areas.

"As an argument, we talked about the number of people on the beach - there it is not controlled in any way. Why can't we keep people the same way with all the seating, observing all the rules, where everything is ventilated," - tells Bukharov.

Entrepreneurs were also interested in whether they would receive any assistance and support from the city. While with initiative made only one of service of delivery of meal, which is ready to meet to restaurateurs and to discuss new conditions of cooperation.

In addition, the meeting addressed issues on taxes and rent of premises on the background of the expected decline in visitors.

"Okay, we will inoculate our employees, but we can't inoculate our guests, they can refuse," he noted.


Particular attention was paid to specific questions about how to work with the new system and who in general would be allowed into establishments.

Specifically, there was discussion about whether people with only one vaccination can visit a cafe and how staff can understand if a guest already needs a second shot.

"There's a problem with PCPs as well. Imagine you and your husband going to a restaurant with two with children. Since children can be carriers, they also have to take a PCR test. It turns out that you have to pay as much money for these procedures as for going to a restaurant," said the head of the CDF.

In addition, the question remains open, who and how will monitor the implementation of the new rules, Bukharov shared, adding that the professional community has voiced a number of its own proposals to the Department of Trade and Services.

"Our proposals need to work with Rospotrebnadzor and other bodies to be able to understand how they will monitor the implementation of these rules, because for non-compliance with control today are very large fines," said the head of the federation.

In general, according to Bukharov, the meeting was held in a constructive manner. All those present agreed to meet more often to monitor how the situation develops.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova