2021-06-29 12:35

"Uralmashzavod and Enter Engineering to build an enrichment plant in Uzbekistan

Enter Engineering (EE) and Uralmashzavod (part of UZTM-KARTEX), a consortium of industrial construction leaders in Central Asia and Russia, will build a copper processing plant in Almyk (MOF-3) in Uzbekistan.

"EE will carry out the design and construction of the facility, while UZTM will supply a full range of process equipment. It is expected that UZTM will manufacture more than 100 units of equipment for MOF-3 with the capacity of 60 million tons per year, including large-capacity mills, crushing and reloading units, cone crushers for secondary crushing, press rollers, screens of various types and other equipment," Uralmashplant said in a statement.

The construction of the beneficiation plant at the Almalyk mining and smelting plant is the first joint project between Uralmashzavod and IZ-Kartex (which combines Uralmashzavod and IZ-Kartex) and EE. In the future, the companies plan to participate in the construction of other facilities both in Central Asia and in Russia.

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Author: Karina Kamalova