Moscow Mayor Approves Anti-Crisis Support Package for Public Catering
2021-06-29 01:50

Moscow Mayor Approves Anti-Crisis Support Package for Public Catering

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has adopted a package of anti-crisis support measures for public catering enterprises, portal reports.

It is specified that establishments will receive a deferral of rent payment for premises, which are taken in rent from the city, for the third quarter of this year. Term of payment is postponed till the end of the year.

In addition, the institutions were included into a program of granting subsidies to small and medium-sized businesses. The maximum subsidy amount is one million rubles, which can be used for the purchase or leasing of equipment, payment of utility bills, credit interest on loans for business development, compensation for the cost of measures to prevent coronavirus (maximum 15 thousand rubles), the purchase of personal protective equipment for staff (not more than 6.5 thousand rubles per person).

A number of establishments registered in Moscow (excluding small and medium-sized businesses) with annual revenues not exceeding two billion roubles will be able to obtain concessional loans for working capital and investment purposes.

The maximum final rate for a borrower will be 6%, and the amount of compensation for unreceived bank profits will be 4%. The maximum loan size will be half a billion rubles. The period of subsidizing the interest rate - 12 months. The program will run until December 31 this year.

The potential beneficiaries of the soft loans are 27 catering organizations, which employ more than 17 thousand people.

"The programme for granting concessional stabilisation loans to small and medium-sized enterprises is prolonged until December 31. This was done at the request of the business community," it follows from the message and specifies that under this program, small and medium-sized enterprises, which operate in one or more priority sectors, can obtain a loan with a maximum rate of 7% for the borrower. The amount of compensation for the bank's shortfall will be up to 8%.

The loan is granted for working capital and investment purposes. The maximum loan size has been increased to 100 million rubles, and the interest rate subsidy period has been extended to 24 months.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova