A trout farm with a tourist area will appear in Sakhalin Oblast
2021-06-29 05:09

A trout farm with a tourist area will appear in Sakhalin Oblast

An entrepreneur from Sakhalin Region is planning to set up a trout farm with a tourist area in the Kholmsky District of Sakhalin Region. The unique production facility will be located on the shore of a picturesque lake near the port city, the regional Ministry of Economic Development said.

"This is an interesting project in terms of both science and tourism development. Possibility of round-the-clock fishing will be well reflected in the tourist flow, including the winter time. For instance, it will allow holidaymakers on the slopes of "Mountain Air" to diversify their trip. But we should firmly make sure that the rights of the inhabitants, coming to the lake in summer, will not be infringed", - said the head of department Alexey Uspensky.

According to Sergey Luk'yanchenko, the creation of the trout farm will give a big push to the development of aquaculture on the island. "The point is that recently the volume of salmon catch has fallen, while the demand for red fish has not decreased. Cage farming - fish is grown not in the whole pond, but in a separate, fenced off part of it, which is called cages - will help to fill the balance. This technology will enable to grow salmon all the year round regardless of natural factors. Accordingly, shop shelves will not be empty without fish in "off-season", - he said.

It is planned to develop fishery tourism on the lake within the frames of the project. According to the idea, on the shore there will appear several guest-houses, summer houses, rent of tackles and equipment for winter sports, a cafe and a hotel. The territory itself will be improved for hiking and opened for free visits. Nearby, a hostel will be located. It will be part of a science centre where Sakhalin residents will be taught about fish farming, the Ministry explained.

According to the estimates of business and authorities, the project will take three years to implement. They are currently discussing the allocation of land to the investor.

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Author: Karina Kamalova