Moscow Endocrine Plant ramps up production of drugs against coronavirus
2021-06-30 08:05

Moscow Endocrine Plant ramps up production of drugs against coronavirus

Moscow Endopharm produced 630 thousand syringes of Nadroparin Calcium, a low molecular weight heparin used to fight coronavirus, in the second quarter of this year, according to the company's website.

Last year, the company launched a workshop for the production of lyophilized and liquid injectable drugs and eye drops. This allowed to double the production capacity of drugs in bottles up to 40 million units per year. In addition, with the new shop the company managed to organize production of drugs in new dosage forms: in pre-filled syringes (30 million units per year) and lyophilized drugs in glass vials (6.5 million units per year).

This year they have established production of calcium nadroparin in single-dose syringes.

"Endopharm's production capacity allows us to meet the demand for calcium nadroparin, promptly increasing production upon formation of additional requests. At the moment Endopharm can meet the demand of Russian regions in ready-to-use medicines through its own production", - says the report.

In future the company intends to produce over 30 tons of active pharmaceutical ingredients from animal raw materials per year. This will ensure independence from imports of substances in production of finished dosage forms of unfractionated and low molecular weight heparin and other essential drugs, Endopharm concluded.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova