Over 60% of entrepreneurs in Russia are not ready to switch to covid-free format
2021-06-30 12:22

Over 60% of entrepreneurs in Russia are not ready to switch to covid-free format

Over 66% of entrepreneurs said they were not ready to switch to covid-free mode and limit the range of clients to people with vaccinations, who have had an illness or have a negative PCR test, TASS writes citing a survey by Like Center, a technology education company for entrepreneurs. More than 1 thousand entrepreneurs took part in the survey.

"66.3% of entrepreneurs admitted that they were not ready to switch to COVID-free regime and limit clients to those who had vaccination certificates/overdose/negative PCR test. 29.7% of respondents agree to take this measure, but only if there are no other options to continue," the study said.

At the same time, 36.8% of respondents predict losses of average monthly revenue in connection with the anti-covid restrictions will be up to 10%, 18.6% of respondents believe that they will lose 30 to 50%, 16% - from 10 to 30%, 15.7% - from 50% to 70%, another 12.9% respondents estimated their likely losses at 70-90% of the average monthly revenue.

"According to Rosstat, the turnover of small businesses in 2020 was 25 trillion rubles. Thus, small businesses may lose at least 200 billion rubles per month due to the new anti-coveting measures. Moreover, depending on further development of the epidemiological situation and introduction of respective restrictive measures, the figure can grow several times", - comments of Vasily Alekseev, director general of the "Like Center", cited in the research.

Earlier Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has signed a decree according to which since June 28 only the visitors having protection against disease will be able to visit public catering establishments: those vaccinated, having had COVID-19 within last 6 months or having negative PCR-test valid for 3 days and issued by Moscow laboratory. The requirement should also apply to summerhouses, but authorities delayed the deadline for restrictions from June 28 to July 12.

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Author: Karina Kamalova