A new tractor factory will appear in Rostov-on-Don
2021-07-06 03:26

A new tractor factory will appear in Rostov-on-Don

A new tractor plant will appear in the Rostov region. According to the Rostov Region Investment Development Agency, the Rostselmash group of companies will invest more than 6 billion rubles in it.

According to the agreement, which was signed by Vassily Golubev, Governor of the Region, and Valery Maltsev, General Director of the company, the construction will start this month. And in 2023, the tractor plant is expected to reach its nameplate capacity.

"The new tractor factory, which is being built by Rostselmash, will allow us to significantly increase the production of Russian tractors by 2025. The production capacity of the future plant is designed to produce up to 3,000 machines per year, which is almost double the current capacity of the company's tractor production," Maltsev noted.

The factory will assemble a full range of tractors from 170 horsepower to 600+ horsepower. It will be located on 14 hectares next to the main Rostselmash site.

The launch of the factory will create around 1 thousand jobs.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova