A new railway car repair facility will open in Ust-Ilimsk
2021-07-07 10:47

A new railway car repair facility will open in Ust-Ilimsk

Transgruz-Vostok is implementing a new investment project in Ust-Ilimsk to set up a wheel-roller facility. It will be the first facility in a single-industry town for repairing and preparing rail cars for transportation that is not part of Russian Railways (RZD), the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

"The Ust-Ilimsk marshalling yard receives 2,500 railcars a month. Of these, an average of 150 railcars need current or overhaul wheel pairs. The nearest workshops are situated in Taishet, 500 kilometers from Ust-Ilimsk. So the repair of the wheels takes on average 30 days. All this time the cars stand idle and the transportation is delayed. The opening of our shop will make it possible to carry out repairs within two days. Thus, the downtime of railcars will be considerably reduced, and the intensity of transportation will increase," Andrey Ilyushkin, director general of Trasngruz-Vostok, cited.

He added that the company is scheduled to open in December this year. The design capacity is expected to be 600 wheelsets per month.

The repair facility will be equipped with hi-tech machinery, and it will employ specialists from the Moscow Institute of Railway Transport. Also there will be organized a laboratory of nondestructive control, which task is to check the quality of various details and welding by the special methods. As railway traffic safety will depend on the company's activity, the strictest requirements are set for it, that is why the shop will be certified on a regular basis according to the regulations of RZD, according to the report.

The Irkutsk Region Development Corporation helped the company to start the investment project. Its specialists selected a land plot for the enterprise and helped to find a co-investor.

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Author: Karina Kamalova