KAMAZ presented an unmanned electric dump truck
2021-07-07 10:53

KAMAZ presented an unmanned electric dump truck

KAMAZ, together with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, has developed a unique articulated dump truck for quarry operations in autonomous mode, the press service of the automobile corporation has reported.

The new dump truck was named Hercules, it is made according to the scheme of "sequential hybrid" - it is an autonomous electric vehicle, which does not need to be recharged from an external network. The internal combustion engine drives an electric generator, which provides power for the traction motor and charges the battery.

"The inline hybrid runs in places on pure electricity with a charged battery and is thus very close to an electric vehicle. In the case of the KAMAZ-Hercules vehicle, energy recovery will take place when descending into the pit, and when climbing up with a load, the stored energy in the batteries helps the vehicle climb uphill," the press service said, adding that this makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption by 15% compared to its diesel counterpart.

The vehicle is designed to transport bulk cargo on rough terrain and unpaved roads. It can also be used in quarries and mines, for unmanned mining operations. For this purpose, there is a special system on board, which provides movement in the quarry without the participation of the driver.

The machine can be controlled remotely or the driver can do it from the cab.

Due to the articulated frame with two degrees of freedom in the articulation unit, the probability of removal of the wheels when moving and the load on the supporting system is reduced, the company explained.

Currently, the truck is being prepared for ground testing, after which the equipment will be sent for trial operation to companies operating in the extractive industries.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova