Lada electric car will appear in Russia in 10 years
2021-07-07 10:58

Lada electric car will appear in Russia in 10 years

Lada electric cars will appear on the domestic market no later than in 10 years. This was announced by the President of Avtovaz, Nicolas Mor.

"Most likely, first Renault brand will start introducing electric cars, and Lada will be later. In the next 10 years," - his words TASS quoted.

He noted that all the technology is already there, but the new type of transport needs the support of the state - the question of the economic side of the production.

In addition, we need the infrastructure for the entry of electric cars in the Russian market. Mor reminded that there are about 800 charging stations, half of them are in Moscow. For the segment to develop, about 50 thousand charging stations shall be set up, he asserts. It may take about 10 years, the expert asserted.

According to the concept of the Russian government, production of electric cars by 2024 should be at least 28 thousand, by 2030 - at least 10% of total production. The budget for the concept is estimated at 850 billion rubles, 600 billion of which will be private investments.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova