Intangible assets of Moscow SEZ residents increased by 1 billion rubles in 2020
2021-07-07 08:09

Intangible assets of Moscow SEZ residents increased by 1 billion rubles in 2020

The cost of intangible assets (intellectual property objects) of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) residents in Moscow grew by almost 1 billion rubles to nine billion rubles, said Vladimir Yefimov, the Deputy Mayor of the capital.

Intangible assets include inventions, utility models, industrial designs, know-how, brand names, trademarks and service marks. Official registration of intellectual property allows to protect an innovative idea and fix the company's position in the market as the owner of a unique technology, having documentary evidence of that, the press service of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow specified.

"The increase in the volume of intangible assets of SEZ residents is associated with the intensification of work on the registration of rights to the intellectual property created by them. In 2020, 13 high-tech companies of the capital's special economic zone received more than 40 official rights to the results of intellectual activity, including inventions, utility models, know-how," the press service quotes him as saying.

Most of them belong to the sphere of microelectronics and IT-industry. According to the head of the department Alexander Prokhorov, microelectronics and software are the main areas where the residents receive patents. In addition, SEZ residents have patented developments in the field of laser technology and x-ray inspection equipment, tools for rehabilitation of disabled people, a number of new drugs and medical equipment.

Today, the companies which deploy their activities in the SEZ in the status of residents, get access to tax preferences and service support for business. Director of Technopolis "Moscow" Gennady Degtev said about the regular growth of intangible assets of enterprises, which in the future may become the basis of real production. Now SEZ residents, according to him, are already expressing interest in an independent assessment of their intangible assets, to be used as a collateral when obtaining loans for the modernization and expansion of production.

Special Economic Zone - Technopolis "Moscow" - consists of five sites with a total area of more than 223 hectares. More than 180 high-tech companies have localized their production here.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova