Goodbye, QR code: some restrictions will be cancelled in Moscow and Moscow region
2021-07-16 03:05

Goodbye, QR code: some restrictions will be cancelled in Moscow and Moscow region

Some coronavirus restrictions have been lifted in Moscow and Moscow Region since Monday. This was reported in the mayor's office and the regional government.

According to the decree, signed today by the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin, from July 19 in the city will be canceled the system of mandatory QR-codes, with the preservation of "special requirements for the provision of services".

It will also be lifted a ban on the work at night for the public catering establishments, the work of the food courts will be resumed, it will be allowed to hold events in clubs, bars, discos and karaoke in case of compliance with epidemiological requirements, children play rooms will be opened.

Speaking today at the presidium of the Coordinating Council of the Government to combat coronavirus, he noted that the situation with coronavirus in the city remains difficult, but the main indicators are improving for the fourth week.

In addition, Sobyanin said that more than two million people had been vaccinated against COVID-19 over the past month, and thanked Moscow businesses for their responsible attitude and joint work.

The governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobiev also informed that since Monday the system of QR codes in the Moscow Region cafeteria will be not obligatory, but recommendatory and businessmen will decide themselves to leave them in their institution or cancel them.

"But if the OR-code is cancelled and everyone is allowed in regardless of the vaccination, it will be necessary to go back to long familiar thermometry at the entrance, masks and social distance," he stressed.

Vorobyov also thanked the residents of the region for having been vaccinated against the coronavirus and complying with sanitary requirements. According to him, now more than 2.4 million people have already been vaccinated with the first component in the Moscow region, and this is almost 40% of all the inhabitants of the region over 18 years old.

We shall remind you that the system of entering cafes and restaurants by QR-code was introduced in the region on June 28.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova