2021-07-19 04:34

"RK-Invest and the World Association of Investment Agencies held a meeting

The head of the investment platform of the Roscongress Foundation - RK-Investments Foundation Alexander Shatirov and the head of the World Association of Investment Agencies (WAIPA) Bostjan Scalar discussed plans for cooperation.

The working meeting was organized after "RK-Investments" has recently received the status of WAIPA member. The parties agreed on possible areas of cooperation, including the organization of events with the participation of WAIPA and international investment agencies at the Roscongress Foundation.

The leaders of the organizations also discussed cooperation between investment agencies from different countries, establishment of contacts and exchange of experience and information in the sphere of investment attraction.

"Membership and cooperation with the World Association of Investment Agencies (WAIPA) will allow the Fund to work in accordance with international standards in the field of investment attraction and work with the partners and apply the international experience to develop the most effective strategy for the implementation of this task," - said Shatirov.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova