Rostec will develop a powerful television camera for operation in Arctic conditions
2021-07-20 11:30

Rostec will develop a powerful television camera for operation in Arctic conditions

Roselektronika Holding, part of Rostec State Corporation, began developing a universal high-sensitivity camera for use in the Arctic latitudes. It will make it possible to see an iceberg during a storm at a distance of up to 30 kilometers and can be used to monitor power grids and conduct night search and rescue operations.

"Thanks to backlighting technology, the camera will be able to work in complete darkness and pick up single photons, even when other devices can't distinguish anything in similar conditions. In addition, the device surpasses foreign analogues in quantum efficiency, threshold sensitivity, detection range and resolution. Other features of the development include low power consumption and small size," Rostec said.

The camera will have a modular design that will allow it to operate in three popular spectral ranges - from UV to SWIR. The infrared range will provide high quality images in almost all weather conditions, the visible range will provide round-the-clock surveillance with high resolution, and the ultraviolet range is designed to monitor power grids.

"Universal TV cameras can be used not only in extreme conditions of the Arctic, their potential is much wider. For example, such devices are suitable for conducting night rescue operations, detecting defects in power grids or fixing violations on roads. The unique characteristics of the device allow high quality round-the-clock monitoring from drones or ships even in fog, rain, snow and other poor visibility conditions. Serial production is planned to start in 2024," noted Alexey Vyaznikov, director general of the Elektronika Central Research Institute (part of Roselektronika).

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Author: Karina Kamalova