Russian scientists accelerated the process of genome assembly
2021-07-20 10:03

Russian scientists accelerated the process of genome assembly

Scientists from the Russian Quantum Center were able to shorten the genome assembly process using quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms. Roscongress writes about it.

As the experts explained, they managed to develop an algorithm that solves a number of technical complexities in the assembly of the genome. This improves accuracy and speeds up the process of data analysis, and contributes to the more rapid development of personalized medicine.

It will also facilitate the study of new species and structural changes in DNA, which cannot be detected by classical mapping, and genomic rearrangements in cancer cells.

As the study's lead author Alexei Fedorov noted, bioinformatics and genetics often face complex computational challenges that can be accelerated by quantum computers. "As part of our research, we showed the possibility of using certain types of quantum computers - quantum annealing devices - to solve genome assembly problems. In the future, the range of applications of quantum computing technology in genetics tasks could be greatly expanded," he said.

The innovation will make it possible to apply the data obtained for emergency medical care and in the analysis of new types of diseases.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova