2021-07-22 09:43

"Avtovaz announces production of five new cars by 2025

Russian carmaker AvtoVAZ will unveil five new vehicles in the next four years, its president Nicolas Mor said in a congratulatory video message marking the company's 55th anniversary.

"We have four important years ahead of us, during which we will release five new Lada vehicles, as well as new Renault models. For Lada this is a new generation of the legendary Niva and a completely new family of the B segment", said Mor.

He added that the company launched the Lada Largus and Niva Travel in the first quarter of 2021.

In total, for 55 years the company has produced over 30 million cars of more than 50 different models. LADA cars account for a third of the Russian passenger car fleet and are leading in sales on the domestic market with a share of 23%.

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Author: Karina Kamalova