A single international trade operator will appear in the EAEU
2021-07-23 03:55

A single international trade operator will appear in the EAEU

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) plans to launch a unified customs transit system. According to the union, this will remove restrictions on trade and speed up interaction processes between member states and third countries.

Director of the Department of Customs Law and Law Enforcement Practice of the Eurasian Economic Commission Sergei Vladimirov stressed that trade becomes the main lever of countries' development in market conditions.

"We have begun preparing a draft international treaty, which will include improvement of the elements of a unified system of customs transit, and are considering the accession of third countries. This is primarily an electronic document flow, the possibility of using navigational seals, improvement of electronic mechanisms and exchange of information between agencies. The participants will be able to increase cargo traffic and transit potential of the Union," said Vladimirov.

The creation of a new institution - an international trade operator with the rights of customs representatives - is also expected to be created as part of the work, the department head said.

"It will have the ability to declare goods and provide information from Internet sites. It will be convenient for both regulatory authorities and individuals. This nuance will reduce the time of the customs declaration of goods", the expert explained.

According to him, customers will not notice any particular change when shopping. "When they will consider a particular product on the sites, to determine which carrier they will use to leave the goods, there will also be an operator of electronic commerce, which initially will already include their services in the cost of goods", - said Vladimirov.

"Moreover, it is assumed that the goods that already comply with the technical regulations, approved by the "five" (EAEC member states), will be placed on the Internet sites. An operator is being set up to receive all procedural issues related to obtaining information on internet sites, providing information on goods to customs authorities and receiving and releasing goods," Vladimirov added.

The tool will accelerate the possibility of receiving the goods, he assured.

For his part, Maksat Mamytkanov, Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission for Customs Cooperation, noted that the Eurasian space has good transit opportunities. "It would be wrong, to put it mildly, not to use them. Our customs units are now preparing a regulatory framework that will prepare common standards for customs regulations and for the movement of goods and services," he said.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova