Tourists have named the most attractive places in Russia
2021-07-27 10:27

Tourists have named the most attractive places in Russia

The OneTwoTrip service conducted a survey among its users and found that 93% of respondents are willing to travel to Russia, more than half of them saying that the country's natural attractions are many times superior to those abroad.

A total of 3,240 users participated in the study. Thus, 26% of tourists named Kamchatka the most attractive Russian region, 19% - chose Altai, 13.5% of the most beautiful Baikal, with many respondents expressed willingness to go there in winter to hike or skate on the deepest lake in the world.

Furthermore 8% said they would like to visit Karelia, 6% would like to visit Dagestan to see the Sulak canyon and 5% would like to visit Sakhalin. About 2% of travelers said they would like to visit the Murmansk region, particularly the Kola Peninsula, to watch the Northern Lights.

The nature of the Far East is considered mysterious and unexplored by 4% of travelers. To visit the vastness of Siberia wants to 2.5% of respondents. Respondents also said that they are planning a trip to the mountains in the Caucasus, with a visit to Mount Elbrus as a must.

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Author: Karina Kamalova