2021-07-27 12:38

"Megafon started testing its own voice assistant

Megafon launched its own voice assistant Eva in test mode for subscribers from the Moscow region. The assistant is expected to become fully functional in autumn.

The operator said that Eve will answer to incoming calls, identifying who's calling and for what purpose. It will be able to support conversations and transform a missed call into a text in the subscriber's messenger.

As the commercial director of the company Vlad Wolfson said, the voice assistant will be improved during the pilot, adding new functions and features to it. According to him, in future Ewa will be able not only to receive calls but also to make them for a subscriber.

Also, Megafon has a virtual assistant, "Elena", he answers questions about services for subscribers.

In 2020, MTS launched its voice assistant Marvin. As part of the basic version, it includes music and audiobooks, sets reminders and turns on the alarm clock. The virtual assistant can also search for information on the Internet, control smart home devices, find out the weather and news.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova