2021-07-28 08:12

"Sveza will launch a center to accelerate development

The Sveza company is completing construction of its own R&D centre, and it will soon be launched. As the company told Made in Russia, it will test and produce prototypes of various technological solutions. With the help of the new site the time for development of new products will be halved.

"In order to develop research and development activities, a three-storey administration and utility building with a total area of over 2,000 square meters has been thoroughly reconstructed here. At the moment the construction and finishing works are completed, furniture and equipment are being purchased", the company said, adding that the centre plans to open its doors in September.

Here experimental works will be carried out, prototypes will be produced and pilot projects based on own developments will be introduced. And the solutions of third-party developers will be able to be tested on the site. For this purpose, the innovation portal was launched at the beginning of summer.

The company explains creation of the innovation center by the fact that, according to its strategy, Sveza intends to substantially increase the share of direct sales to end consumers by 2024. For this reason, the organization is consistently moving away from mass production of traditional, commonly used formats in favor of special products tailored to individual orders and with unique physical and mechanical properties. Expanding the range of specialty products will require numerous R&D and pilot developments.

"By manufacturing and testing experimental prototypes on its own equipment, Sveza expects to increase the share of branded special products by at least 20%. In addition, the center will cut the time to develop new products in half," the company specified.

The R&D center will include a mini plywood production facility consisting of a resin synthesis and glue preparation reactor, a roller mill for glue application, cold and hot presses, and nesting equipment. Moreover, the new building will house a finished product physical and mechanical testing lab, a technology and quality department as well as technical and allied employees.

Today, Sveza manufactures custom-made products made from renewable forest resources and is the global market leader in birch plywood used in the construction of skyscrapers and Olympic facilities, the production of long-distance trailers, high-speed trains and LNG tankers, as well as in eco-furniture and interior design.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova