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First Muslim Marketplace presented in Kazan: interview with its founder

First Muslim Marketplace presented in Kazan: interview with its founder

The world's first global marketplace of Muslim products All Islam was presented at the summit "Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit - 2021". The philosophy of the virtual platform is to make products demanded by Muslims more accessible, and they can be purchased in a convenient format online and in a single location.

The Made in Russia editorial board talked to the project director Timur Vagapov to find out which products are available at the marketplace, how many suppliers are already participating in the Marketplace and when the sales will be launched.

- Today the first Muslim Marketplace was presented at the summit. All Islam. Please tell us how the idea of creating a separate marketplace for Muslim products came about?

- It is no secret that the majority of people are migrating to the digital world and everyone is using digital products and services. Plus - a pandemic has arisen which has caused some challenges. We had the idea of creating All Islam, which brings together not only suppliers, but also makes it possible to get all Muslim products in one place, including "halal". People will be able to use user-friendly interface, get delivery all over the world. We are now in the process of final tests and arrangements.

- When can we expect the full launch of the platform and the launch of sales?

- We plan to launch sales on the marketplace as early as early to mid-August. We are presented as a mobile application available on all platforms iOS and Android and as a website. In the future we are planning to place terminals for the convenience of customers - in mosques, at the points of delivery. Those are our plans for the near future.

- What kind of goods are presented on the marketplace?

- All the goods used by Muslims. It includes clothing, souvenirs, handicrafts, headwear, food, children's goods, and books. You can already download the app or go to the website and see more than 5 thousand products from suppliers.

- And how many suppliers have so far placed their goods, what is the geography of their origin?

- There are already more than a hundred of them from all over Russia.

- Will suppliers from other countries be joining the marketplace?

- Of course. We are working on this. There are Turkish and Iranian suppliers. We are currently completing the final negotiations with Tunisia.

- What criteria does a company have to meet in order to have its goods on the marketplace?

- We can work with any supplier. The main thing is that if their products are halal, they need to be certified.

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Author: Karina Kamalova