2021-07-29 09:17

Halal" ecosystem of T-Family brands to be launched in Kazan

Tatarstan company "Tyubetei" goes beyond the restaurant business and starts to launch a whole ecosystem of goods and services for Muslims. It was presented at the summit "Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit - 2021". It is planned that the ecosystem will combine several areas: halal restaurants, fitness centers and marketplace. Online shop "KazanExpress" will become logistic partner of the marketplace of halal brands. It will ensure delivery of goods in 1 day through a network of delivery points in 66 Russian cities.

"On the margins of the summit for the first time we presented the ecosystem of halal brands of the Republic of Tatarstan. What it is - it is a union of Muslim-Tatar entrepreneurs which jointly develops Tatar brands and will bring them to the world market. And we are taking four main directions. The first one that will serve as a basis for all other projects is "Tyubetei". We already have 6 years of experience in the market and about 3.5 million gained customers. "Tyubetey will become a kind of platform and will begin to unite other brands around it under the roof of T-Family," said co-founder of Tyubetey Sultan Safin on the fields of the summit.

The ecosystem plans to develop and bring to the international market Muslim clothing from Tatarstan designers, halal food products, as well as develop a network of halal fitness centers.

"For a very long time we are going around the topic of separate fitness, where men and women do not interfere with each other. So that there is no such thing as strange men and women watching each other in the gym - it is not Islamic. The peculiarity of this fitness project is that it will integrate three areas: a man will undergo medical diagnosis, and psychological and sports," said Sultan Safin.

The digital marketplace of halal goods is being created jointly with KazanExpress, which already has an established logistics experience of delivery and large warehouse space.

"The main thing for us is to develop local entrepreneurs, halal brands that are building their business here, and to grow this marketplace into a digital ecosystem, so that entrepreneurs are supported at the start-up stage. A person, for example, is sewing something at home, he is self-employed, and he can come in and start selling to us. He will be able to enter two marketplaces at once: KazanExpress and HalalExpress (the working name of the new marketplace, ed.), and sell to both Muslims and to a wide audience. Then we will move towards production co-working in order to help guys to create their own production," he explained.

"Tyubetei is the first Tatar halal fast food chain founded in Kazan. Over the past 6 years the network has grown into a group of companies T-Family, which creates a working business concept and integrates successful cases, modern customer experience and halal culture. The structure of the companies includes T-foods, which combines the Tyubetei and Poke Soul restaurant chains. In 6 years of operation the company has served more than 3 million guests from 50 countries.

The international economic summit of Russia and the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) "Russia - the Islamic World: KazanSummit - 2021" is held in Kazan from 28 to 30 July. The summit aims to strengthen trade, economic, scientific, technical, social and cultural ties between Russia and the OIC member states. The leitmotif of the Forum in 2021 is conscious consumption; the key topics of the business programme include partner finance, the halal industry, youth diplomacy, medicine, sport, creative industries, export development, entrepreneurship and investment. The venue of the event also hosts the Russia Halal Industry Expo and the Machinery Cluster Forum. In 2019, the summit was attended by 3.5 thousand delegates from 72 countries and 38 regions of Russia. This year, more than 2.5 thousand people from 60 countries are participating in the summit.

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Author: Karina Kamalova