Negative unemployment: business asks authorities to keep people in regions
2021-07-30 04:15

Negative unemployment: business asks authorities to keep people in regions

Population outflow from regions has a detrimental effect on Russian production potential. According to the General Director of "Essen Production" Leonid Baryshev, the company actively attracts attention to the problem of negative unemployment in Zakamye and hopes for support of the authorities in solving this problem.

"Today there is a big problem in the labor market in the region. This is due to the fact that new production facilities are constantly being opened in the free economic zone and in the territory of advanced socio-economic development in Naberezhnye Chelny," Baryshev believes.

However, there is no one to work at the plants - specialists are fleeing to big cities. "And the more complex equipment we acquire, the more problems we experience. Training time increases, training time increases. Accordingly, every worker becomes expensive for us, people who are able to operate machines are always valuable," he noted.

The only lever for attracting workers can be only increasing salaries. "Now we have to compete for them in wages. This is the only tool we have. From August 1, we are once again indexing from 10% to 20% of wages for those specialties that we need to get through the New Year season," said the entrepreneur.

But the "war" for staffing doesn't solve the problem either. Between the two options: "sell balloons in Kazan for 25 thousand a month" or "live in Elabuga with a salary of 40-50 thousand" - young people choose the former. "The problem is complex. There is a big difference in social environment in the capitals, the same Kazan, and, for example, in Yelabuga. Young people who spent five years in Kazan are reluctant to return to the region," he explained.

According to him, it is necessary to increase budgetary saturation of the regions. "We alone cannot solve the problem. We need public space to be better, the educational system to be better, and living in the regions to be more comfortable. Then we will be able to retain young people. Business won't be able to do it on its own, that's why we regularly turn to public platforms to discuss it on a high level," the head of the company emphasized.

The business community also hopes for a resettlement program from other regions. "People come to us from Bashkiria, from Udmurtia. But it is necessary to put infrastructure for those who come to the region. Elabuga provides for the provision of social mortgages in new houses under construction <...> no quick solution, but we have drawn up a plan, we will move," concluded Baryshev.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova