2021-07-30 04:54

"Econiva grew revenues by 32% to ₽21 billion in the first half of the year

Revenue of the group of companies "Econiva"Econiva, which is one of the largest domestic and European producers of raw milk, in the first half of this year grew by 32% in ruble terms and by 12% in euro terms. The information was provided to "Made in Russia" by the press service of "Econiva”.

"In the reporting period, the group's sales revenue increased by 12% and reached approximately 235 million euros, despite the weakening of the ruble. In rubles, revenues increased by 32% to 21 billion rubles," the statement said.

The group's total revenue for this period amounted to 343 million euros against 336 million euros a year earlier. In rubles, this figure increased by almost 20% to 31 billion rubles.

For the last four quarters ".Ekoniva"has produced more than 1 million tons of raw milk, becoming the first company in the country to surpass the one millionth milestone in milk production in one year.

"In 2020, the group completed the active phase of most of its investment projects. Now the cash flows from the 40 modern cattle-breeding complexes we have built will only grow, which means the company will continue to be able to meet all its commitments," said group president Stefan Dürr.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova