A safe and fast method for detecting gas leaks has been created in Russia
2021-08-02 02:04

A safe and fast method for detecting gas leaks has been created in Russia

Russian technology company Arman has invented an innovative method for finding gas leaks in pipelines. It detects the defect in a few seconds and helps prevent emergency situations promptly, the company's press service told Made in Russia.

As the company explained, until recently, the search for gas leaks was performed using an ultrasound detector equipped with one or three microphones, which located and measured the level of the leak and translated the ultrasound frequency into a format that was audible to the human ear. The operator used headphones to determine by ear where the leak was occurring. This work took several hours. In addition, it was difficult to localize the defect in space where there was interference from more powerful ultrasonic sources. More often than not, such interference made it impossible to find leaks of small sizes.

"In 2021, Arman made a breakthrough in the application of ultrasound to find gas leaks. The device for finding gas leaks has gained 'vision'. This is made possible by acoustic holography technology, a method of noise detection by building a map of sound intensity, showing the color pattern of noise propagation. If earlier it took operators several hours to "listen" to all equipment and areas where defects appeared, now the search for the leakage with the help of new acoustic chamber takes just several seconds", - told in press-service of the company.

The sound visualization device (SVS) is based on a microphone sensor. A sound wave hits the surface of the sensor and the software processes the video image in real time, after which an acoustic picture is formed with the location of the sound source.

Leaks are displayed as colored spots on the operator's computer and are detected at a distance, so operators do not have to enter dangerous areas. Arman said that the operators will be able to learn to work with such equipment and visualize leaks in an express analysis mode.

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Author: Karina Kamalova