A new cement plant will be built in Mordovia by 2026
2021-08-04 08:10

A new cement plant will be built in Mordovia by 2026

Magma-Cement company started construction of a new plant in Dubensky district of Mordovia.

It will take five years to implement the project. Annually 1.2 million tons of cement will be produced here. The launch of the production will create 300 new jobs.

According to the plans the construction will be completed in 2026, at the same time the first batch of cement will be produced.

One of the energy sources of the enterprise will be an alternative fuel - it will be obtained from municipal solid waste, for this purpose a special line will be installed in Mordovia. But gas will be the primary source of this fuel.

As of today the company signed contracts for supply of equipment from Denmark.

The region's acting head visited the construction site. He was the one who laid the gas line: its length will be about 14 kilometers, and it will be built in eight months.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova