2021-08-04 08:10

"Tyazhmash completed the first stage of project construction in Ecuador

Russian machine-building company Tyazhmash has completed the first stage of the project in Ecuador, the online edition of Malaya Syzran reports.

The plant resumed its participation in the foreign project in July - before that Ecuador had suspended its implementation for almost two years. Initially, according to the media, the Russian company signed a contract with Celec EP for about 8 billion rubles, under which the Russian company was obliged to design, supply, install and start up equipment for the construction of two power plants in Ecuador. Even before the previous Ecuadorian government unilaterally terminated the contract, the Russian side had delivered boxes of equipment to the country. Now Tyazhmash experts, together with the Ecuadorian state company Hidrotoapi, have checked the condition of this equipment.

In addition, the main equipment that has already been assembled is being restored, electrical equipment is being inspected and tested, and work is underway to assemble the turbine guide vanes and auxiliary mechanical systems, including the drainage and drying systems for the flow section.

According to Little Syzran, the equipment of the third hydropower unit has begun to be installed at the Ayurikin hydroelectric plant, while the first and second partially assembled hydropower units have been inspected and remedial work has been carried out. In the coming weeks, the rotor of the first hydroelectric generator will be lowered to its designed position.

The construction of the two plants, in which a Russian factory is involved, is important for the country's interconnected power system, media reports said. Until October 2018, the local government has invested nearly $400 million in the Toachi-Pilaton hydropower plant, including construction, delivery of finished and purchase of missing equipment. At least another $140 million needs to be invested to complete all works.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova