Organic oil for export will be produced in Kuzbass
2021-08-04 02:40

Organic oil for export will be produced in Kuzbass

An export-oriented rapeseed and linseed oil production plant will be launched in the territory of advanced development "Yurga" in Kuzbass in 2022, the Kemerovo Region government said.

"A plant-growing products processing facility with an annual capacity of at least 1.6 thousand tons of organic oil per year will be launched in Yurga. About 90% of the produced oil is planned to be exported, in particular to Lithuania, China and the Czech Republic", - authorities said.

Apart from organic oil, the plant in Kuzbass is going to produce about 18 thousand tons per year of highly nutritious animal feed made of extruded soybeans, oilcake from rape and flax. These products will be sold mainly on the domestic market.

The investor of the project is the Rassvet production company (part of TDS Group Agro Holding of Siberia).

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Author: Karina Kamalova