Cinema sales down a third from 2019
2021-08-26 02:32

Cinema sales down a third from 2019

Russian cinemas have failed to return to pre-dawn revenue levels. According to research by analytical resource Check Index, demand for ticket purchases in August 2021 was a third lower than in 2019.

In August, the average purchase amounted to 504 rubles per visit to the cinema, but this figure was lower than last year's level by 2%, and at the same level as in 2019, writes TASS.

In the first half of August, sales were seven times higher than in 2020 (650% higher), but lower than in 2019 by 31%.

At the same time, experts noted that the number of online purchases of movie tickets has increased. Compared to last year, visitors were nearly four times more likely (up 365%) to buy movie tickets online.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova