2021-09-02 05:40

"Mad staff shortage": Lenfilm named one of the serious problems of the industry

The film industry is experiencing a shortage of cameramen and lighting and sound specialists, General Director of Lenfilm Fyodor Scherbakov said at a session of the Eastern Economic Forum.

"We have a huge shortage of personnel, because all the personnel are booked. If anyone in the industry decides to find a good cameraman, lighting technician, or sound designer, we'll wait in line for 1.5 years, because people have projects scheduled," he said, adding that such demand triggers a multiple increase in price.

The Eastern Economic Forum takes place in Vladivostok from the second to the fourth of September. The main theme of this year's event is "New Opportunities for the Far East in a Changing World". The forum is organised by Roscongress.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova