Most companies in Russia have left employees to work remotely
2021-09-13 09:45

Most companies in Russia have left employees to work remotely

Remote or hybrid work format for employees after the peak of the pandemic was retained by 97% of Russian companies, according to a joint study of consulting company Deloitte and X5 Group Retail, writes Inc. Russia.

It involved 80 companies from various industries, including nine leading IT, financial services and trade companies.

It was found that previously 27% of organizations surveyed there was no possibility of working from home, in the same amount of another such a format and was completely prohibited. The employees themselves said that they prefer to work in a hybrid form - so said more than 90% of respondents and completely remote - this format is supported by 35% of respondents.

The X5 Group noted that today retail employees may choose their preferable schedule within the social package. The pandemic experience also pushed for changes in workspaces. According to Tatiana Krasnoperova, director of human resources and organizational development at the company, the well-established concept of "if you don't see a person, they don't work", which is ingrained in the minds of many organizations' management, is also changing.

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Author: Karina Kamalova