Retailers are joining the discount program when paying with national cards following Wildberries
2021-09-14 12:00

Retailers are joining the discount program when paying with national cards following Wildberries

Russian retailers following Wildberries are considering the possibility of providing discounts to their customers on Mir, SberPay cards and on the Quick Payment System up to 2%. This is exactly the fee on cards of international payment systems Visa and Mastercard.

"The continued growth of fees from international payment systems, as well as confirmation from regulators of the legality of the new pricing policy of Wildberries has caused a surge of interest from Russian businesses. Among the companies that have expressed their willingness to implement a similar model is 220Volt. We hold consultations with Russian entrepreneurs and assist them in the transition to the new pricing policy. Our company is ready to provide the necessary legal and administrative support - so we encourage Russian business to join us," the press service of Wildberries.

According to the marketplace, the share of Russian payment systems on Wildberries has already increased more than 2-fold - from 24% to 50%. The most popular payment system is the card "Mir" - its turnover has increased by 2 times, SberPay payment has increased 14 times, and by 9 times on the system of fast payments.

Wildberries notes that "international payment systems continue to put unprecedented pressure on Russian banks, even though regulators have noted the model's compliance with legislation."

"We closely monitor the tone of interaction between payment systems and banks. We inform the relevant agencies about all facts of law violations and threats to the Russian financial sector. We consider the attempts to influence the Russian private business as illegal interference and pressure from the outside," it was emphasized there.

Earlier the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard accused Wildberries of adding an additional fee of 2% when paying by their cards. In response, the retailer explained that such a commission has always existed, the marketplace only began to display it to customers, making the payment "transparent". Later, the marketplace decided to introduce a 2% discount for payments by cards of national payment systems. This was received with criticism in Mastercard and Visa, in particular Visa has sent a letter to the acquiring banks of the retailer that it is a violation of the rules of the payment system.

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Author: Karina Kamalova