Russian authorities have approved a roadmap for IT business development
2021-09-14 02:04

Russian authorities have approved a roadmap for IT business development

The Russian Government has approved the second package of support measures to create additional conditions for the development of the information technology industry.

"The roadmap was formed with the participation of leading Russian IT companies and industry-specific public organizations and includes 62 measures aimed at addressing several key objectives: increasing demand for domestic IT solutions, ensuring accelerated digital transformation of economic sectors and the social sphere, and creating comfortable conditions for doing IT business in Russia, the government explained.

Out of them 20 are of system-wide nature. They include measures to align the business environment in Russia for international Internet corporations and Russian IT-companies, to stimulate the implementation of Russian solutions in the activities of domestic enterprises as well as to support export and promotion of Russian IT solutions in foreign markets.

Another 42 events of the plan are aimed at stimulating the development and implementation of Russian developments in specific segments. These include, in particular, solutions for business, electronic educational services, digital medical services, office software and operating systems, data processing and cloud services, solutions for artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things, the production of computer games and professional video content, and information security solutions.

The plan includes measures to lift legislative restrictions and barriers to the use of modern digital solutions, the financing of Russian digital platforms, staff training and so on for individual segments of the IT market.

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Author: Karina Kamalova