The Quantorium children's technology park was created in Ulyanovsk
2021-09-14 01:04

The Quantorium children's technology park was created in Ulyanovsk

In Zavolzhskiy district of Ulyanovsk on the basis of the Governor's engineering lyceum "Quantorium" children's technopark was opened. According to the press-service of Aviastar-SP aircraft building company, schoolchildren will be able to get acquainted with the profession of an aircraft builder there.

Training will be conducted in five directions including hitech-technologies, robotics and aviation.

Children will be able to acquire sustainable knowledge and skills in aerodynamics and drone design, robot programming, making parts and devices in a high-tech prototyping laboratory, and implement their innovative projects in the field of alternative energy.

Vadim Shestakevich, Deputy Director of Personnel of the Aviation Enterprise, said that the technopark "will lay not only the basic knowledge of aircraft building, but also form the consciousness of future aircraft builders.

Today there are great and important tasks in construction of modern aircrafts. New employees are being hired for implementation of production programs. Therefore it is necessary to train young personnel to replace the older generation in good time", he stressed.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova