Grants for vaccinating employees against covid-19 in Moscow will be awarded to 100 companies
2021-09-14 03:00

Grants for vaccinating employees against covid-19 in Moscow will be awarded to 100 companies

The Moscow authorities have identified 100 companies which have been awarded grants for meeting the requirement to vaccinate 60% of employees.

"The grant amount will be 100% of personal income tax paid by the organization over the last year, but no more than five million rubles. Among grant-recipients - medical clinics, mobile homes, car services, catering establishments, printing houses, as well as high-tech companies of Moscow", - said the head of the capital department of entrepreneurship and innovative development Alexey Fursin.

All organizations and individual entrepreneurs, who approved the payment, will receive a request not later than three working days from the date of publication of the list for the presentation of the act of reconciliation with the tax authority on personal income tax paid. Such a document may be obtained from the Federal Tax Service. It is necessary to submit a tax payment confirmation within 10 working days, otherwise the right to receive the grant will pass to the next organization in the list.

As it was reminded in the mayor's office, entrepreneurs may apply till September 30 for compensation of expenses for prophylaxis of coronavirus infection and provision of employees with personal protective equipment. You can do it on the site of the Moscow innovation cluster. Entrepreneurs who have applied for compensations till 15 August for 60% of their employees to be vaccinated on portal may claim for compensations. It is a lump sum payment of 15 thousand rubles, as well as the additional compensation in the amount of 6,5 thousand rubles for each employee. Sole proprietors without employees will be entitled to a subsidy of 21.5 thousand rubles.

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Author: Karina Kamalova