Sokolov launched the first Russian production of dyeing of cubic zirconia
2021-09-15 03:21

Sokolov launched the first Russian production of dyeing of cubic zirconia

Jewelry brand Sokolov was the first in Russia to launch industrial coloring of fianites; the coloring technology was developed in the laboratory of one of the Russian technical universities by order of the company.

"The launched fianite dyeing production allows us to dye up to 200 thousand stones a month. Thanks to our own technology, we have an opportunity to replace imported dyed fianites, while the cost of dyeing at our plant is five times lower than foreign analogs," said Artem Sokolov, Managing Partner of the brand.

According to him, the technology makes it possible to produce any color, to produce new items quickly, to create unique hues on their own and to ensure consistency of color, regardless of size, cut or batch of stones.

Earlier Sokolov conducted market research and found out that consumers have a great demand for affordable analogues of natural gemstones for inexpensive basic silver and gold items.

With the launch of the new technology customers will be able to choose from a wide palette of colors, many of which are not found or are rare in the world of natural gemstones, and the brand can realize a variety of design solutions.

Previously, only two foreign jewellery manufacturers - Swarovski and Galiya jewellery - used industrial colouring of cubic zirconia.

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Author: Karina Kamalova