Volgograd region has seen a jump in potato prices
2021-09-15 04:57

Volgograd region has seen a jump in potato prices

In Volgograd Oblast by the beginning of September prices for potatoes increased by 4% compared to the end of August this year. This was reported by Volgogradstat.

"As of September 6, the cost per kilogram of potatoes in Volgograd and the region has changed insignificantly. The increase was about 4% to the indicators at the end of August this year," the report said.

Now the price per kilogram of potatoes is 33 rubles. In Kamyshin, a kilogram of vegetable crops will cost nearly 34 rubles - a 1.17% increase. The price hike is the largest in Mikhailovka. The price of a kilo of potatoes there is Br29.5 - by 4.34% higher than at the end of August.

Recall, earlier, at a meeting of President Vladimir Putin with the government, Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko said that in 2021, the price of potatoes rose by 64%, carrots - by 86%, cabbage - by 43%.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova