Buckwheat price in Russia breaks 10-year record
2021-09-20 12:42

Buckwheat price in Russia breaks 10-year record

The cost of buckwheat in Russia this summer has reached the maximum in the last ten years.

As reported by RBC with reference to Rosstat data, in August this year 1 kilogram of buckwheat cost in stores on average 102.5 rubles. The last time the prices went above 100 rubles per kilo was in 2011 when the price went up to 112 rubles per kilo.

Buckwheat went up in price back in the summer of 2020, when there was a rush of demand amid the pandemic, but even then the price per kilogram was 17% lower than this summer season.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade told the publication that retail prices are based on suppliers' selling prices, which depend on various factors, such as the number of stocks, expected harvest. The Ministry of Agriculture clarified that as of September 15, producer prices for buckwheat rose by 0.7% for the month, but fell by 0.9% for the week compared to the previous week.

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Author: Karina Kamalova