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"Russian Post will launch control of parcels using blockchain

"Russian Post will launch control of parcels using blockchain

"Russian Post plans to use blockchain technology to track the parcel chain in 2023-2025, Vedomosti reported.

Such a project is included in the company's digital transformation strategy.

The company's director of digital products, Vladimir Urbansky, said that it is a service for the market. According to him, the Russian Post is a member of the logistics chain and can provide services to the "outside" companies to track the supply chain, not only where the company is a logistics operator, but also in terms of end-to-end chains, he explained.

The publication's interlocutor noted that the new IT project will help to reduce the number of lost parcels.

The strategy of digital transformation of the Russian Post shall be approved by the Ministry of Digital Development. It will be submitted for consideration after the approval of the company's board of directors.

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Author: Karina Kamalova